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First of all there definitely is a need to immediately stop any action causing such turmoil in your emotions, mind and actions. This is done by conducting a peaceful life in harmony with the Divine. To start this, you need to learn again to listen to his Divine and loving guidance. It is all the disharmony in your thoughts, emotions, words and actions that caused the turmoil. All the Karma you ever created will collect and be with you, until you start to change your style of life. Serious study of all spiritual laws and practicing and applying them in every days situation of your job, business, family, friends, recreation, politics, and any other situation of your life will be the first step toward creating peace within.

It makes little sense to meditate in order to create peace, as long as you still persist in creating turmoil before and after meditation in your daily life. So be ready to change your life, your inner and outer behavior while at the same time start to practice daily meditation and applying or living the spiritual laws in every days situations.

Some spiritual traditions practice meditation by concentrating on emptiness. This is quite difficult, because there is no emptiness in the entire creation. So these person applying successfully this method often are hanging between two centers of consciousness, i.e. between physical and astral body, being neither in physical nor in astral body. Or between astral and causal body, again being neither in astral nor in causal body. You may somehow compare it to the gear of a car. The "normal" procedure is to move from one center up to the next higher until you are one with God-consciousness. Like shifting in a automobile from 1st gear to 2nd and 3rd up to the highest one when accelerating. Like in a automobile before shifting to the next higher gear, a driver usually accelerates to a certain speed before shifting to the next gear. A similar principle works in meditation. Before you can move from one center of consciousness to the next higher one, you may definitely need to increase the vibration of your present consciousness and all its pertaining parts in your spiritual body and its aura. This point is hard if ever to be accomplished when concentrating on emptiness, besides the fact that there is no emptiness at all, so you may waste some time to look for something in-existing. How can you move from one point to another when there is no orientation, no driving force that keeps you moving in a constant direction with all your spiritual practice.

Others are meditating by using a large variety of Mantrams, or by using the picture of a Guru or deity to concentrate on. Some Mantrams are associated with deities, others with "metaphysical gifts". When you concentrate on Mantrams, deities or Gurus, it may lead to the result of you becoming one with the object of your concentration. Contemplation as a result of extended concentration is leading to Samyama - becoming one with the object of concentration. If this is

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