How do thoughts and emotions affect my health

Thoughts and emotions of Love do cause a healthy physical, astral and causal body. Love is in harmony with God and always creates or re-establishes Divine health. The physical body's health is affected by the sum of all Karma ever caused by that soul's many incarnations. For the soul there is never birth and death, but a continuous learning process. The soul of a small baby learns as much as the soul of a senior citizen suffering from a stroke or Alzheimer disease or the soul of a middle aged scientist .

Babies can have thoughts and emotions and may create their own new Karma as much as adults can. The account of a souls Karma may be compared to the account of a family through the years. At the end of each year you may have a positive or negative balance in your household-account. The new year, seconds after the old one passed away, always starts with the balance of the previous year. So does it work with your Karma across the many incarnations. Learn to immediately stop to cause or create any Karma and start to create peace, Divine Love and harmony within and around you. It is but your very own and personal decision what you think, feel , say and do. There is but one power to dissolve any Karma - pure Divine Love received by your devotion to God.

Disharmony in your mind and emotions, like anger, jealousy, greed, revenge, continuous lying, verbal or emotional fighting, ... do however affect your physical body so seriously to cause such severe physical or mental illnesses like:

• angina pectoris

• Morbus Alzheimer

• tuberculosis

• tumors and cancer

• rheumatic diseases of various kind

headache, neuralgia, infections

• cause and promote violent viruses and bacteria of various kinds

multiple sclerosis

• and many more serious illnesses of today's population across the World

No disease, illness, disaster including natural disaster or accident of any kind can ever occur without any Karma of the persons affected. God is Love and gave us freedom - absolute freedom -without freedom we could never be made to his image. This Divine and absolute freedom is one of the single most important principles of creation. But freedom includes the free choice of all actions in all dimensions of human consciousness, being and existence. Freedom includes the freedom and capability to learn from all action we have ever created.

Freedom includes the right to receive what we have seeded in our previous incarnations as well as NOW. The right - yes. Because it is our choice and freedom to create peace, Bliss and Love to all our surroundings and thus to earn peace, Bliss and Love and nothing but peace, Bliss and Love. Create in your actions, your mind and your emotions what you enjoy to receive in return today, tomorrow and any time thereafter.

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