How do we open for God his Love and Bliss

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The following exercise will show you how and lets you experience immediately how it feels. The following animated graphic shows you at the beginning an aura of a person with lots of stress and emotional turmoil. Like after a busy day or worries. Then you open up your sahasrara chakra and let God's Love and Bliss flow from top through your aura, through all of your body including your physical body, including all your cells of your body, your mind, your emotions, even your karma !! At the same time you open your muladhara chakra to allow all disturbing energy to flow out of your body. ALL.

You need to have a real comfortable position for your body. God is anywhere, hence whether you are sitting or any other comfortable position is of least importance. However you should stay awake and be fully relaxed. Just to give this exercise a name, I will call it "lightshower". You may enjoy this lightshower every day, even several times a day, as much as you may enjoy a water-

shower when working heavily. The minimum time to really benefit should be several from minutes up to an hour or even more.

As the animated picture below shows, the longer you practice it, the more your benefits, the better you feel. you may try it NOW for a half an hours or longer and feel how much more relaxed and free you feel. It is however important that you open yourself to God in a sincere prayer and attitude of Love and devotion. Allow God to take away anything that is a burden to you. Anything and everything. You are his beloved child and it makes God happy to relieve you of anything that is a burden or bothering you. It is a pleasure to God to Love you and let all his Love flow through you. You may do it as often as you love it and as often as as long as it helps you. You may do it when traveling in buses, trains, when waiting or having some spare time during work. You may benefit from this lightshower anytime, anywhere. After a few days, weeks or months you may even start to feel the vibration of God's divine Love or you may see the light he is sending you while you open for his Love and Bliss.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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