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How spiritual Laws affect your success in business and how to apply them for the mutual benefit of all

A simple and true law often disregarded, is the law and power of Love in our World. Have you ever tried to tell someone who is angry with you "I love you" from the depth of your heart and soul ? If yes - you certainly noticed its tremendous effect of restoring peace and harmony between you and the other party involved. Have you ever felt any kind of true Love toward your customers, suppliers, business partners or employees ? Honesty in business toward all members of your business, suppliers, employees, partners, customers is another way of saying "I love you", because it requires a true feeling of Love toward these people involved in your business. YOU depend on them, THEY depend on you. Mutual Love for each other in business can be an everlasting Bliss for your business, guaranteeing success and prosperity to all.

The power of Love can obviously be used in business as well as in any other part of life. It is the basement of peaceful social interaction of mankind in any situation. If you do any kind of business, in the long term, you only may succeed, if you are honest with your advertisements, the quality of your products or services and if you have a honest interest to provide such services or products for the mutual benefit of all people involved in that business. If however your very own profit and success is the only subject you keep in mind, you may be successful for a short period of time, finding yourself again in a crash of business soon later. You never can succeed at the expenses of others.

On the long term, you can only prosper in your business and life, if all of your partners in business and life benefit and prosper as well. Whatever you sell, be it a service, information or a product, it must be for the real and true benefit of those purchasing it. And it must be honestly priced to allow all parties involved - your suppliers, employees, partners, as well as your final customers to conduct a life of well-being, comfort and prosperity.

If you buy cheap services from others and resell them for your highest possible profit, you may disregard the true human needs of your suppliers. They may not be able of providing this service or product over an extended period, because they can not earn as much as you and may experience discomfort, low earnings, low or no net-profits, low level standard of living. thus they work without loving their work without happiness derived from their work. Only employees or suppliers happy with their life, their net-income, their profits can provide a satisfactory service while feeling to be an equal partner in the chain of commerce. Enjoying your daily life including your work, is a prerequisite for happiness and joy in life. Whatever makes you happy is something that you like to repeat again and again. Whatever causes frustration is something you may like to get rid off as soon as possible. Whether it be in family life, recreation or in business life.

If you sell your services or products at a fair rate, leaving to all the members of your business the freedom of having an adequate margin of profit to allow an enjoyable way of living, they all will be a happy members of that business. everybody including your customers agree, that others may have the right of a happy and enjoyable living as well, so all of your customers may agree that you need a healthy margin to survive in business. But never survive at the expense of someone else. Your suppliers, your employees, partners and your customers have the same right to enjoy life and prosper in business. On the other turn, how many big companies going broke do cause other companies being in a business relationship with them to go broke as well. We all relate and depend on each others, in business as much in life If you take care of having happy and financially healthy suppliers and healthy customers, employees and business partners as well, then you never can go broke or be in trouble. they all are the guarantee and the strong and lasting basement of your own business. Their wealth will guarantee yours and your wealth should supply their wealth. We all are part of a chain. If any part of a chain brakes for whatever reason, the entire chain is broken and useless. Make sure that all members of your business-chain are strong, because the weakest one will cause the chain to rupture, no matter how strong the others are. The weakest one may decide whether all are prospering and surviving in business or all may go broke.

Some business may urgently need a service or product, because they are under pressure to make their customers happy on time or lose their customers. They may eventually pick your business to meet their requirements or save their business. But if your offer does not allow them to prosper, they may start looking and searching for another business partner from the very beginning, while doing business with you. They continue doing business until they either have gone broke or found a better partner. However, if from the beginning they feel that the relationship with your business is honest and leaves them enough business margin without hampering the welfare of their own customers or their own business, they may immediately decide to continue long term business with your company.

Same applies to employees . One person may accept to work in your business or supply you with products, even if your pay is too low. Just for the single reason that the person or their families are in financial trouble and try to survive. If you push their wages below the limit that would allow them to get out of their own crisis. they may search for another business partner or employer while still doing some business with you. Doing business with you just to barely survive against their bank loans and family needs or other sources of troubles in their life. And as soon as they have found another business opportunity, they may leave you, leaving a hole in your chain of business that may hurt you and bring your business in trouble. Leaving you with the problem of having to look for another employee or supplier or even forcing you to stop your business. Finding a right employee is as difficult as finding a right employer. But once you have found one. Show him by being honest, showing your awareness of his needs and your willingness and Love to meet his needs. Show him that you are equal partners. employee and employers are absolutely equal partners. Because an employee needs and employer to survive financially in this earthly life, as well as an employer can only survive by having employees working for him. ... Just imagine how many automobiles can be assembled and sold per year by a general manager of an automobile company himself. May be not even a single one. He could not even earn $ 1000 per year on his own. But while having many thousands of employees, he may make thousands of $ a months. the same applies for the employees. They decided to work in an dependent situation rather than taking the risk of becoming their own boss, investing their own money and taking full responsibility for all their actions. they should realize that they depend as much on their employers as their employers depend on them. Mutual Love and friendship should be the bases for a honest relationship in business between employers and employees. Both parties are of equal importance. So how to share the profits? Your loving heart will tell you.

Always keep in mind, that an employer never can be happier than their employees - and employees never can be happier than their employers. Both depend on each other. Both are nothing in business without the other part. As much as a business depends on their customers. However customers only depend on suppliers if they supply something that truly is needed in life. Find true needs of your environment and meet these needs in a honest way of doing business, rather than first producing products and then trying to create an need. True needs require no or little advertisement. Artificial needs require tremendous investment for advertisement and may find a strong competition.

Here an example out of the recreational industry. People are looking for more recreational activities providing them with fun and enjoyment. Having fun is a basic human need. However nobody needs SCUBA Diving or Windsurfing or Golf. They may need any kind recreation or anything else that provides them with fun and enjoyment. Supplying such services or products is certainly important. But if you are are charging excessive fares they may change to a totally different activity, being lost forever for your industry. New Industries often charge excessive rates, because of low competition. Forgetting that instead of playing golf, people may go disco dancing, sailing or just anything else. There may be a natural demand for recreation in general, but never for a particular branch. Just any recreation that meets their need of supplying them with fun. Competition is very high in this industry, companies come and go in this branch and no company is sure to survive the next few years. Habits of the population is changing year by year or people may simply get embarrassed by the behavior of an industry.

Another example. People do need clothing, healthy food, shoes, repairs for certain articles, housing, to name but a few. These are true natural needs that every one has. Every one needs something to eat, day by day. everybody needs clothing and housing, every day. Supplying these needs is meeting a natural demand that may require much less investment and advertising than supplying a product or service that people may like without really needing them.

Besides the laws created by humans on earth, there are Laws that govern the entire Creation of God. Laws behind the physical plane of manifestation. One important Law is called the Law of Karma. It is commonly known in many great Asian cultures since millenaries. It says in short: "What ever you do to others is coming back to you one day". This Law of Karma applies for all of your thoughts, emotions, fantasy, words and action. Honest business for the sole purpose of making your customers happy, of meeting true needs of your customers, will make you happy as well. But it also means whenever you are cheating your customers by the means of providing wrong information about the quality of products, by providing low quality services or products at excessive rates, or at the expense of the welfare or health of others, you may suffer the same destiny as you have caused to others. Whatever you do to others is coming back to you. Sooner or later it surely will. This is an absolute law of Creation.

May Love and Divine Bliss fill your life, your family and your business and create a harmonious and peaceful environment of

Love surrounding you

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