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as soon as you start thinking or talking - you have killed the magic of Love again - hence keep quiet - keep loving - keep focusing on feeling on Love and happiness - enjoy the magic moments of Love and let the healing power of Love free both of you - because some of this healing may persist and help you to re-enter such magic moments of Love more and more often - and more and more easily - the longer you allow Love to flow.

With all the Love you feel - always keep in mind that God is the source of all - hence ask God to help you to remain open for Love - ask for more Love for all mankind and expand your Love beyond your present partner or family the more people, the more beings you start to include in your Love - the greater the flow of Love through you - the greater the magic of Love.

We talked about the flow of Love - yes you will actually feel Love to flow through you. Of course Love is beyond the physical plane. So you first need to become sensitive for metaphysical energies - but this is very easy and in previous chapters you have all you need to learn, practice and improve sensitivity for Prana.

In magic moments of Love you will feel Chakras to be more open than before and you will feel an increasing flow of energy radiating around you and flowing through you toward the surrounding people or your beloved ones. Hence your previous static Love starts to become more than just a static idea or a plan - it starts to become alive - to become dynamic and starts to change you, your surroundings, and anyone within reach of your Love.

What is within reach of your Love ? All creation is within reach of your Love - it just depends on the limits your mind may still create for you. All limits are but in your mind !!

once you have started to truly love a few persons. You may soon feel that others may deserve your Love as well and include more and more persons. Your family, your extended family, your neighbors, your village, your district, your country of origin or residence, and more and more beyond your known horizons ! After a few years of regular practicing real flow of Love - practicing dynamic, almighty, Divine true Love - you may wish to love all planet earth and some times later you may feel that when loving all planet you exclude billions of unknown other beings also created by God. Any group you ever love - you always become aware that you are excluding some others. As a result of this awareness you start to expand your love more and more and of course your love can reach far beyond our solar system. Velocity exists only in computers and in the mind of mankind. Love is Divine and hence free of any limits - Love is free of any limits in terms of velocity, distance or anything else. You may instantly Love all creation - billions of universes, all beings at the same time and you may instantly feel all their Love in return. You learn to feel that Love is continuously flowing through all creation - always has been flowing and always will be flowing throughout all creation from eternity to eternity.

Love is a dynamic Divine power - deploying an infinite healing and uplifting force acting on all that open for Divine Love. Acting as much as any person allows it to act. Or with other words the less you block the flow of Divine Love - the more you experience and benefit from ever increasing flow of Love.

You can never start the flow of Love - but you can stop to block the flow of Love. Be sure you truly understand this very last sentence. It is your mind, your intellect, your cultural reasoning, your intellectual programs that stop the flow of Love. This stop of Love requires a continuous action n and continuous effort from your part - if you "stop to stop" the flow of Love - Love will become free and starts its Divine healing through you and through all that are open for Love.

Search for the magic moments of Love that you ever experienced - this may be an easy starting point. Then repeat such situations again and again - improve your magic of Love by dropping more and more all the behavioral patterns and rational reasoning or your mind that ever causes to destroy the natural, God made flow of Divine Love - allow Love to flow , heal and free you and your beloved ones. Increase the number of people that you include in your Love and keep increasing and extending the moments you feel the flow of Love until you feel a continuous flow day and night.

God loves continuously - billions of years. God never sleeps. Sleep as mankind experiences is but a healing coma needed daily to heal from any damage you continuously create in your daily work. Your body may need rest - your soul needs Love. Your soul needs flowing Love - dynamic Love. One day all your physical brain cells are fine tuned to be used to Love what ever you do. You can work while loving, dance while loving, make music while loving, author books while loving, cook while loving, anything can be done while loving . If ever you feel that there is something that might stop your flow of Love - drop it. Drop any behavior or activity that ever could reduce your flow of healing Divine Love again.

You are made by God - to the image of God - made of Love and made to Love - whatever you do, you can do with Love.

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