Take full responsibility for your past, present and future, because all of it is the sole result of your very own decisions, or absence of decisions. If you really want to change and improve your life, it is detrimental to fully accept responsibility for yourself.

Of course some parts of your life may have been screwed up. Learn from it. Think about it - why did things go "wrong", what did you do to achieve the results you get ?

Pray to God to become aware of changes needed in your very own attitude, in your behavior and your life in general. Make sure you follow exactly all the spiritual laws as described in Yama and Niyama. If you ever dreamed of a workaround on these points - forget it !! Follow all the rules and accept any pain if you miss the rules.

Be happy with all your present situations, if they appear to be hard on you. Thank God he gave you a possibility to learn and improve. Without intense learning and practicing toward becoming an adult Child of God - there may be no or very little success. Remember, the harder your past or present life may appear to you, the more you can learn from it and the more you may change immediately to improve your future situation.

All of your present or past surroundings are exactly what your soul needs to grow and find its way back home to God. Accept the challenge and become a winner on the way home. It is fun to spiritually learn and grow more day after day.

If there is anything you presently dislike - change it - NOW !! Make use of your Divine freedom in life, take a decision and realize that decision until your situation has changed to your full satisfaction. Remember any time that all you do here and ever have done was your free choice and still is. One day YOU decided to part from God, to be different, to quit loving. Any decision you make, may affect your life for years, decades or millenaries, for many incarnations sometimes. Be careful how and what you decide, what decision you omit.

Many persons, maybe millions or more, used to say "I must " go working, go to the office, go home, pay tax, go to the military, ... and so on. This way of thinking is simply wrong. One day, some time ago you made a decision to do what you still do and may be feel you "must do". Change your attitude, drop the situation you have created, dissolve any Karma related to that situation and strive for a new and pleasant situation in your life. Some of you may think "but this is the only place I can find a job or I can find an apartment" wrong !! What about the billions of people living in other countries, doing different jobs. If billions of people get a different job than your present one, if billions of people make their living in a different country from yours, then YOU as well can change anything you really need to change to be happy and find satisfaction in your life.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that it never was God's intention to create heaven on earth. Your Divine home is in God, far away from the physical plane of this planet. Still close enough so every soul on earth could find its way home any time, if really ALL efforts are invested toward reaching this Divine goal. If you invest as much time in spiritual progress and development as you do in your career, business, pleasure, spare time, watching TV, supporting your bank, working for Industries whose only thing in mind may be making money, making profits on behave of others, then you certainly succeed on your way to God.

Mental restlessness never leads to peace of mind of enlightenment. When your mind is restless, watch your ideas. What is the content of your mind. Where do your ideas travel. Is there anything in life you missed to dissolve in Love. Are there any fears to be dissolved. Studying spiritual literature, spiritual laws and keeping more and more of your concentration and awareness directed toward spiritual goal, toward God, will certainly calm down any restlessness mind. As Divinity fills your mind - peace of mind and evenness will be within your mind.

As soon as you start to strictly follow spiritual goals, learn and practice what you have learned, then your life is filled with Divine Love and Bliss from God. Serving God by helping helping his lost or needy children will give you more satisfaction than anything else ever could do on earth or elsewhere.

For many cultures on this planet and beyond, making money, industrial development and increasing wealth and physical power over others may be the only and primary goal of life. However one day all of these people will lose all their wealth, their power, their influence over others. They may then for a while become some of the very poorest people in the entire creation, because they have missed for years, decades, incarnations, even for many thousand or more years to collect any spiritual wealth.

Mental evenness and satisfaction in life is gained by supplying others with true satisfaction. Learn a job that really meets a natural demand of people. Satisfy true needs of others and their true satisfaction they receive from your services or products may return to you to make you happy. Stop creating a product or service that you like, then create an artificial need to sell your products or ideas. Ask people how you can serve them, ask others how or what you can do to make them happy. Their happiness may return onto you to make you happy as well.

Whatever you do to others is returning to you. Never cause any debts or loss of freedom but create, support, protect or reestablish freedom, peace, love and health in all others and that is exactly what shall return onto you today, tomorrow, in the far future and for eternity.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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