Selfdiscipline Tapah

Self-discipline require you to make use of your willpower and to continuously watch your mind, emotions and actions of any kind.

First you need to be very honest about yourself. Be willing to question all your past actions of any kind - mental, emotional or physical - from this or any previous incarnation. Compare the results of this internal investigation with the spiritual laws and the "Divine rules of life on the way to God". Find out where you may need to change your behavior in order to comply with all the rules, in order to be in harmony with God. The final state you want to achieve, is to truly realize and live the first and great commandment of Love, the only commandment that ever came from God.

Then compare your general living habits, eating, drinking, health-care, etc. with all the known and correct rules for a healthy lifestyle on your spiritual path. You may find additional information in the chapter about fasting. For a successful and efficient progress on your way to God, a healthy physical body is extremely beneficial. Have a look at your eating and drinking habits and figure out where they differ from the ideal behavior.

When you recognize the points to improve or needed changes in your life or in your being, then make a list of it. Write it down on a peace of paper for your Records and frequent verification and make sure it is safe, because you may need this paper for years. Best is, you get a small college block for all your spiritual Records and notes.

Before you can follow any set of rules in your spiritual life, you certainly may have to fully agree on these rules. Any internal opposition against these rules may hamper your spiritual progress. If at any time, particularly during the first years of your spiritual progress, you may find difficulties in agreeing with some of the rules, then first skip theses rules and focus on the realization of those rules from within Yama and Niyama that you can fully agree on. The more you progress on your spiritual path, the more wisdom you may gain and one day you find out yourself the some or all of the skipped rules are correct. As soon as you can agree on these previously skipped rules, realize them in your life as well.

Whenever you feel any opposition to certain rules, think about these rules in a neutral state of mind. Pray to God to show you the truth. Ask for truth again and again during all your existence.

Affirm to yourself:

I am free, I can do whatever I want, even if it hurts me. I take full responsibility for all I ever have done and will do. I can live however I like and want. There is no one forcing me to follow any set of rules.


I want to become truly free and join my eternal family in God. I want to learn to live, think and feel like a Divine Child of God - made to his image. I want to learn to recognize and realize all the true and absolute laws and rules for a truly spiritual life on earth and anywhere. I want to learn to live in a way to be a source of Divine Love and Bliss for myself and all others in the entire creation. I open my mind, my consciousness and awareness for the absolute truth coming directly from God. God is truth and God is Love - hence anything coming from God and leading to God is a healing medicine for my personality, my physical body, my spiritual body and my soul - finally leading to God-Union and eternal freedom.

With this affirmations in mind pray again and again for Divine assistance until you have dissolved any resistance against any set of rules to be followed on your way to God. Rules are to be followed as long as you are separated from God in your consciousness. Once you have reached God-Union, your wisdom and capability to love has developed to a state beyond the description of any rules or laws. But until then, there is a definite need to obey these spiritual rules and and spiritual laws for your very personal benefit and for speeding up your spiritual progress and making your very own life, as well as the life of others having to live with you on the same planet, more comfortable and enjoyable.

Start to keep these rules in mind while watching yourself what you actually do - day after day -whenever you catch yourself violating the rules, correct your behavior, your thoughts or your emotions, again and again.

Direct continuously all your efforts, your energy, your mind and attention toward becoming a true Saint, a Divine Child of God made to his image. Do this day after day, for the rest of your existence - even beyond your physical existence on this planet. Life goes on, even beyond this present incarnation. Clean your Divine Temple to welcome God within your soul and your body. What you spiritually learn now, is your true spiritual treasure lasting for eternity. Change your material treasures and belongings into spiritual treasure and spiritual wealth.

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