Start to love Love is Gods true nature Love is your true nature because you are child of God made to his image

Restart your life as if you were reincarnating at this point of life. Learn from past situations, from past "mistakes", do something new and different by applying all the accumulated experiences of your past. Learn to look at your past "mistakes" as of lessons that you failed to understand or to learn successfully rather than calling them "mistakes". There are but learning situations in life -NEVER can there be any true mistake - only missed lessons. Remember what you do at school when you fail an exam - you learn more and repeat the topic until you pass in a way that satisfies YOU. All life serves but to teach you how to behave like an adult and Divine Child of God - made to his image !!!

Just remember what reincarnation does to mankind - it gives all of us another chance, again and again. We ourselves forget about our past and the past of all others, as well as all of our "enemies" forget about our past. We keep the essence of our past experiences and get another chance to improve and learn even more. To learn to love and handle all situation with Love.

if you don't know any further if you feel like in a one way road and you can't see any possibility to return or change direction of your "destiny" - give the situation to God, ask him in a prayer to dissolve the situation and start loving yourself and all your Divine sisters. Yes, all others are your sisters - because they all are children of God. And because they are children of God, they are Divine. As Divine as your true nature is. Admit to them all the right to make "mistakes", because they all are learning to love. And they all are improving day after day. Give them tomorrow the chance and the right to behave and act differently than they did today, yesterday or the days before. They all may have learned a lot and may just be waiting to apply what they have learned.

Always remember - the only important lesson in life is to learn to love in any and all situations. It's the most valuable, the most precious gift that you can ever return to God - your Love.

If you want to go to court against someone drop your cause, give it to God and love.

Your ego only may be hurt by offensive actions or words of others - never your soul - your true being. Others however may help you to learn loving in all situations. They may do so by provocating you, by showing you your weak points in your behavior, they are teaching you and helping you. Be thankful they showed you another area to improve, another step to get closer to God. Thus they may turn out to be your best friends without you knowing and realizing it at all.

If someone is fighting you and you want to defend yourself drop it - stop defending yourself - defense is an aggressive reaction to aggression. Defense is aggression - no matter what the cause. Your defensive reaction most probably may lead to another Karma for you to suffer any time later. Love can never even be touched by aggression. Learn to "absorb and dissolve" aggressive actions, words or thoughts coming from others toward you in your developing Love within, these are but what you have "distributed" among others in earlier days of your present or any previous incarnation. The more you dissolve these aggressions from others by just continuing to love more and more and asking God to assist you in improving the quality, the purity of your Love, the less "ammunition" others will have, because your Karma is "melting down" in the fire of your continuous Divine Love toward all aggressive situations.

Keep your mind and your emotions filled with Love - pure, Divine Love. Keep concentrating on God and his everlasting Bliss and Love for you and act as a channel of this Divine Love to all the persons involved in that particular situation.

if you don't know what to do at all

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