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Reading books never leads to becoming a Saint !! To truly become an image of God you must realize what you read and learn from books. Read some of the Holy scriptures of this World and fully realize what you have read and learned from the books. It makes little if any sense to first read five or ten books without applying what you have read. Read one book at a time thoroughly and then apply in your daily life what you have learned. If then you need additional help or help for important parts of your life is missing so far, then look for another book containing wise help for your life.

Some of the books available are highly inspiring, others contain valuable solutions for different problems in life or spiritual rules and laws to facilitate and speed up your spiritual progress on your way to God. Collecting the information in your brain blocks you from receiving Divine inspiration coming from God. The information must become a realized part of your being, of your life.

Attempting to read any Holy scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or Yoga Sutras from Patanjali merely with your intellect may cause a disaster. You need to learn to read any book with your intuition. Learn to perceive the truth beyond the printed letters in books. What message did the author want to send you. What is written "between lines" of a book, what did the author think, feel and intend when writing the book. All Holy scriptures are written in a way to protect all important information contained from being abused by non-spiritual readers. Learn to develop a sense of awareness to perceive true information from information that has been modified for whatever reason or from information that simply is wrong.

Question all information that you read and ask God to show you the absolute truth in all you read and dissolve everything else. May the truth in the book you read survive and help you on your way to God.

When reading a spiritual book, limit the amount to a chapter per day, then meditate about it to perceive all the truthful information contained. Make sure you understand that every book is energy, energy entering your consciousness, to dissolve blockages in your mind or behavior. This energy is capable of healing and freeing you if correct and true. Let this Divine energy pass beyond your intellect to do its intended spiritual task. The results of what you were reading is your true spiritual treasure. Resulting freedom and a growing relationship with God will enable you one day to read directly from God's Divine consciousness, to talk with God, ask him any important questions for your spiritual progress and become fully aware of his Divine answers.

And finally ALWAYS remember that ALL you need for our path of divine love to God is in THIS holy text from the Cyberspace Ashram - as THIS text is given to you by God and includes ABSOLUTELY ALL you ever need. Read, STUDY until you TRULY understand and then PRACTICE ALL - and will succeed on your path of divine love to GOD the very fastest, most direct AND most loving way possible.

Kriya Yoga is the most scientific, most powerful and most direct method for your return to your eternal and divine home of love in God

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