The picture on the left shows souls having their common roots and source in

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Each spiritual body contains the essence of present and previous incarnations of that particular human being. All the spiritual Bodies shown left are part of each individual physical body. Color filled circles are Chakras. Chakras are operating on all different levels of the spiritual being of mankind, but some of the Chakras are predominant during certain evolutionary steps of mankind. The lower 7 Chakras are the most important during the period of physical incarnations of a human being. At present most people on earth being able to see the aura of beings have a limited aura sight of the astral body, some may see the mental body or even causal body. The remainder is most often only seen as light. But of course even all higher spiritual bodies have a huge variation of vibration, but of a much higher frequency. Each "body" may be considered a "container" that stores the essence of a particular evolutionary part of that being. The Astral body is used for physical life to create emotions and learn about emotions, as well as to emit and receive emotions from the "outside" World, thus also affecting physical behavior. Part of the Astral body is the mental body, receiving and emitting thoughts from and to the "outside" World. It also receives feedback from the causal body, which is a memory containing all information about past incarnations within a physical body. The essence of all information derived from physical incarnation, astral incarnations and causal incarnations is stored in Atman - sometimes also called soul. The soul continuous to make additional experiences in a variety of spheres, learning, teaching, healing, helping and experiencing as much of the different Divine principles and creation as necessary before returning home. All the combined essences of the entire existence of a being is combined in Paramatman, the Divine innermost core of each being. Everything that you ever invented or created has already been potentially existing ever before. But you needed to make most or all of this experiences yourself in order to become an "adult" Child of God. Or could anyone ever truly call himself a "driver" without ever having physically driven a vehicle, or call himself a captain without ever having flown an aircraft ? Of course not. So does every Divine Child of God live trough part of the Divine creation, before being a true Child of God - made to the image of God. Beside the many main-levels mentioned here, there are manifold variations of sub-levels within each sphere mentioned. God's Divine creation is infinite. Just think for a while about the true meaning of the word infinite and you may soon realize that the part of the Divine creation mentioned and / or explained here are but the beginning of infinity.

We start learning the basic lessons of love in the physical body. Once we have learned all the basics on earth and / or other planets, we may then succeed to the next higher - smoother - level of universes, the astral universe. Here we are using our astral body. The astral body may vary in its density / vibration depending on the state of development of a being. Many people on earth leaving their physical body after "death" are moving to this sphere. It serves to fulfill all the open wishes and desires, to live emotions and learn about emotions and to wait for the next physical incarnation to learn more and fulfill some or all of the remaining wishes and desires. Later on some astral bodies may move on to the next higher level, the causal body and continue their experiences. Some may then still return to the physical plane, to fulfill some voluntary accepted tasks here, or live trough some Karma left or following the attraction by the attachments to some other souls incarnated in a physical body. Once all the links and attachments to the physical plane have been dissolved, all the energy of astral and causal body may be withdrawn from these 2 bodies and purged into the next higher level of existence - Atman or Soul. Once this step of evolution is reached, there is no Karma that could ever cause to incarnate physically. Actually most "Karma" that ever has caused to physically incarnate is due to ignorance of Divine principles, the most important one being the Divine truth of Love of God. If you become fully conscious and aware of the power of Divine love that dwells within your soul and has its original source in God,

you can virtually dissolve anything and everything in this almighty fire of Divine Love that could ever stop you from returning to God anytime, whenever you wish so. You can dissolve anything that ever could bother you in this almighty fire of Divine Love and it instantly vanishes. Finally there must be some sort of interconnection from one body to another. Each body must have at least 2 "exits". One to communicate within that particular sphere, another one to withdraw all energy into the next higher body as a result of spiritual progress. Communication takes places trough the various main Chakras and secondary Chakras. Withdrawing the life-force to the next higher level is done at the Muladhara Chakra the Kundalini Shakti opens and flows into the physical body and all pertaining physical and metaphysical organs. As long as the attachment to physical matters and physical life persists, most of the Divine life-force is bound to this lowest and densest dimension of existence. Near the Manipura Chakra from astral body to causal body. Near Ajna Chakra from the causal body to Atman or Soul. Having reached this level of development or consciousness, such a person is called having a Christ-consciousness or Krishna-consciousness. The word Christ or Krishna is a description of level of consciousness and could be considered as some kind of spiritual "title" rather than a name. It can be added to any name. One of the most famous being Jesus Christ. Similar to this is Buddha. In Buddhism people are aware of the fact that many persons became Buddhas. When talking about Buddha Buddhists usually refer to one specific soul having achieved this level of freedom and consciousness, however in other scriptures people often refer to other Buddhas.

May Bliss and Love free your soul and guide your Divine being back to God

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