To control your mind is as easy as looking to the left or to the right lets start to practice it NOW if you like to get in control of your life and spiritual progress

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Most people's mind is jumping like a frog - here and there - every few seconds. Did ever attempt to keep your mind absolutely quiet for a single minute ? It all can easily be learned by the right practice.

First of all you need to understand that peace of mind is to a large extent the result of peace you have created and expanded within and around you in all situations of your life. In ALL situations !!

Following such simple and well known rules like Yama and Niyama in all aspects of your life will create the basis of potential peace within you in all situations. But your mind may have got used to jump around - may be to search for a true motivation in your life. Do you have a goal in life - a goal transcending this incarnation and death that is waiting on you ? Without true and final goal no peace within. Your soul may get restless because YOU may have temporary lost on your path of life through eternity and through infinity. Hence the restlessness often encountered in nowadays world - even amount young people or children.

A soul - a human in a physical body as well - needs a true reason of life, a motivation to exist. This should be something eternal and absolute. Any soul is aware of its true origin in God - but are you aware, truly aware of it ?? you, that means your present physical intellect is the guiding and driving force that causes and creates new Karma more often than loved by your soul and more often as good for your overall well being.

Hence there is a finite and absolute need to learn to get in control of your mind. As the mind is the seed of new action, of new Karma that might soon be caused or dissolved, depending on the direction you are heading to and depending on the quality of your thoughts and emotions, fantasies and actions that you plan to do now or soon.

If you think that mind control appears difficult to you - then please allow me to proof the opposite with a simple exercise. You may play the main actor in this exercise. You may do this by clicking one link at a time follow the instructions there and do the exercise for about ten or more seconds. Then please click the link marked "continue" on the bottom of each page to proceed with this exercise. The entire exercise may take but 2 to 3 minutes or less. It is well worth doing it. By the end you finish again back on this page.

Where ever you are now, just make sure you are in a safe position - may be sitting - but any comfortable position is OK.

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