What are the different layers made of

We have a look at the following graphic and you may easier understand the relationship of different layers within your aura affecting your perception and may easier become aware of your true Divine being caught within that sum of layers.

An average human aura consists of approximately a few dozen layers as a result of previous incarnations. Each incarnation leaves at least one such confined layer within your aura. The sum of all layers equaling the total aura - is the result of our spiritual growing process of our metaphysical (spiritual) awareness. this process follows the Divine and perfect plan of God's creation.

The center of awareness in our physical body is our brain. Every spiritual body - like astral body, causal body, soul - has something similar to our physical brain but adapted to the fine vibration of its pertaining body.

The circles of different colors symbolize the different center of awareness in the different bodies of light attached to our innermost Divine core. These circles contain the sum of all fears, emotions, expectations, karma, pre justice, rejection, desires, plans, addiction, attachment, intellectual knowledge, misperception, spiritual blockages, ... as a result of all communication and experiences from this present and all previous incarnation. All this is a permanent part of our aura until we have dissolved such content of our aura through the power of Divine Love as a result of our spiritual progress.

Every human is like an open book. Any spiritually developed soul can continuously be aware of all your thoughts and emotions as well as all your karma, future and past. We continuously radiate all content of our aura into our surroundings - hence affect our surroundings with the quality and content of our aura.

The white area in the center represents our Divine center of awareness - always existing in every human, even while caught in a human body during physical incarnation. This white center represents the innermost Divine core of every soul, the Divine light of all creatures made by God. The first yellow circle is our soul that contains traces of our many incarnations and needs to be purified in the fire of Divine Love. This final purification takes place during a true Godunion -complete ONENESS with God - as experienced during Nirbikalpa Samadhi or after Maha Samadhi - the final great Samadhi when consciously abandoning a body by the end of a truly spiritual life devoted to God when a soul returns to God.

The yellow beyond the outermost circle shows the unmanifested Divine around all of us - Gods omnipresence that permanently surrounds us. The various colored dots outside the circles represent the various PERFECT manifestation of the Divine creation surrounding us. The white dots represent the manifestation of God - angels and Saints - that continuously accompany us in our daily life to guide, protect and love us in all situations of our experiences in life. Most babies are aware of these Divine presence around us during their first few weeks or months but loose this perception as a result of extended contact with the gross manifestation of their parents ego. Spiritual parents may protect this Divine perception of their newborn and facilitate their life by helping their new guest to keep their Divine perception of the worlds beyond alive during the first many years of childhood.

The small colored symbols within the colored circles symbolize our various thoughts, fears, emotions, rejections, ... etc. The more we progress on our spiritual path, the more we purify and free ourselves of theses energies within our aura and the clearer the perception of the absolute truth around us. When practicing the holy technique of Kriya Yoga while practicing Kriya Pranayama God's Divine light is flowing into the various centers of awareness and purifying all layers surrounding our innermost Divine core. The more we practice Kriya Pranayama, the more your pure Divine awareness and consciousness re-appears again until our pure Divinity deep within is freed One day we entered this present dense environment and prison of the physical world due to our karma caused in the past in spiritual - metaphysical - worlds and we all are learning to free ourselves. Some are learning consciously as a result of positive spiritual effort, while others may learn as a result of all suffering caused by their own karma. An ego - personality -that refuses to learn is pushed by its soul and karma to learn. Slower, with pain, less direct and less efficiently but as safely as all direct spiritual learning. All is always under direct control and supervision of God. All souls, every single soul, will find their way back to their Divine home in God.

The relativity of above illustrated perception is the result of your own inner world created by yourself. You see the world the way you want to see it and the way you have created your own world within your aura. As soon as all parts and layers of your aura is dissolved in Divine Love -you r perception will be pure, clear, Divine and absolute.

The more you progress on your spiritual path, the more Divinity of all mankind and creation in general surrounding you can be perceived by you. Once you reached a point to perceive the Divinity of ALL - you may only be able to LOVE ALL, whatever they do, did or will do, whatever their past or future may be. All you ever will be able is to LOVE ALL.

Energies within your aura represent the sum of all your karma from this or any previous incarnation. These energies also cause attraction to other humans and situation similar or equal to your own aura to attract persons of similar karma. For example: As long as you are greedy you may attract greedy of stingy people in all your life in the various situations. This is to make you feel and experience from outside what you cause to your environment and what you are within. You perceive and experience in your outside what you are inside.

Our innermost center of awareness can easily be compared with a screen covered with a series of layers of slides - each slide being a fear, rejection, pre justice, expectation, desire, ... etc - if you now project the true and absolute reality on this screen, you may perceive the slides rather than the absolute reality.

By now you should have understood the basic physiology of your human awareness and become aware of the importance to learn to perceive the true and absolute reality rather than to continue perceiving illusion. Your future incarnation as well as your future in general are manipulated according to your aura. A Divine aura always attracts Divinity, Love and Divine Bliss from God. A Divine aura always causes freedom of any karma and freedom of any future incarnations. To help you purifying your aura, you may ask God for Love, Grace and Mercy. furthermore you may ask all mankind for forgiveness for anything harmful you ever may have done to anyone in your present or any previous incarnation, you may need to forgive ALL and ANYONE who ever did something harmful to you for any or no reason. Just keep in mind that whatever happened to you was the result of your own karma, your own previous action, thoughts and emotions toward others.

The innermost core of EVERY person always was, is and remains Divine - made to the image of God. Help all others to free themselves from their karma by loving ALL mankind.

As soon as you have but Love in your mind, all your aura is filled with LOVE and free of any debris of previous incarnations, hence free of any illusion - ready to perceive the absolute truth in all and any situations. The innermost core of your present Ego - your present personality - is Divine and made to the image of God. Burn your disguise in the fire of Divine Love and bee free - in Love -with Love.

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