Why do people meditate

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Daily life may often cause lots of turmoil in your mind and emotions. Stress with your job, your family and political or economical situation of your surroundings of your life may cause lots of anxiety, fears, emotions and thoughts, acting like a storm inside you. Mankind on earth has most often forgotten to live according to spiritual laws and Divine principles of God's creation. So they are sometimes creating Karma several times each day almost on a continuous basis.

Another reason for meditation is an advanced spiritual technique. Extended meditation by fully concentrating on an object, until becoming one with the object of meditation leads to the knowledge about the object. This technique is called Samyama. It is a technique that may be used to get an answer about important spiritual questions, or find solutions for important situations of your life. But as a beginner you may practice thousands of hours of meditation before you may become one with the object of meditation. What is is slowing down your success ? Your anxieties, your expectations about the answer, your desires, preoccupation, ... your ego.

So instead of practicing in the beginning of your spiritual path Samyama, you would get much better results if you start continuously working on your spiritual progress by dissolving all your ego, your wishes, in the fire of Divine Love. If once all your personality has been filled with the Divinity of your soul - made to the image of God - then you may need only minutes or seconds to achieve knowledge about an object, since one with God, you may have easy access of all the knowledge you truly need. Intuition is the advanced method of achieving knowledge about important objects in God's creation. You simply look at something and you may instantly know everything that might be important for the moment.

The use of meditation to gain peace within and to concentrate on God, the Divine is the recommended method and use of meditation. Some important spiritual wisdom may however be achieved to help you to understand the true meaning of life on earth in a physical body and to speed up your spiritual progress. You may find a few important and helpful questions to meditate and / or think about in another chapter or you may ask God to help you understand it before falling asleep in night time. Receiving an answer through meditation is much different than reading it. When receiving an answer by meditation then you are fully aware even within yourself of the full content and meaning of the answer. By reading an answer you may intellectually know it, keep it stored in your physical brain without having it ever understood. For that particular reason many wise man from the past have written questions to meditate about - rather than provided intellectual answers. One such examples may be the Yoga Sutras from Patanjali, or Lao Tse.

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