Why do we need spiritual laws

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Mankind has parted from the Divine a long time ago and far away. Having lost the natural capability of knowing by intuition. Knowing by intuition without use of the intellect is a natural capability of our soul. The soul simply knows the difference between love and hate, between selfless and selfish. The soul knows how true Divine Love feels like, because it is the natural capability of any soul to express Divine Love, thus any soul having dissolved the Ego in the fire of Divine Love will automatically be a perfect manifestation of the Divine.

The only true and important spiritual goal of any soul is to love anyone and everyone and realize God-Union. Spiritual laws are but a help for the very beginning toward this goal. They help you to find the beginning of your spiritual path toward your Divine home in God. Once you have found the beginning of your road of Love to God, you fully concentrate on Divine Love toward all creation surrounding you. Divine Love

Mankind has completely lost orientation within God's creation. therefore many thousand years ago, holy scripture like the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali's Yoga Sutras have been written by wise saints of ancient time.

The standard ancient scripture for the spiritual laws of followers of any spiritual tradition is certainly Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Particularly the sutras II/29 through II/45 in which YAMA and NIYAMA are explained. These sutras have been known and applied be mankind for many thousand years before they have been written by Patanjali. YAMA AND NIYAMA are a pre-definition of Divine Love, necessary for mankind to understand and learn to practice Divine Love.

YAMA and NIYAMA are the very basic rules for any spiritual person on his way to God, independent of the spiritual tradition he is following.

If you got completely lost on your way, you may need some guidelines to get closer to God, to purify your consciousness until your intuition is awakening. That is the purpose of these spiritual laws. They give you the guideline on your way out of spiritual darkness to help God enlighten your consciousness again by his Divine Bliss and Divine consciousness.

You are a Divine Child of God - made to his image. Deep inside your self dwells pure Divine light and consciousness. There is no need to learn to be a saint, you already know it inside your soul. All you may need to learn is, to remove all the behavior and wrong knowledge that buried your Divine soul during the journey of your soul through God's creation. Learn it by intellectually relearn the Divine behavior, that was once a long time ago the natural behavior of your soul.

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