YOU achieve what you are striving for

Successful experts in any field and specialty spend hundreds of us $ and hundreds of hours a year to IMPROVE their skills and knowledge. many ten thousands of us $ for their general education ( elementary school, secondary school, high school, college, universities, ... ) until they start their specialized training and learning professionals of any field and specialty need many many years or even decades to become REAL specialists. by the time they are REAL and true all-round specialists in ONE single field ( for example electronic ) they may have

• changed 2 or 3 times or more often their employers to gain additional expertise in other companies of the same industry. to do so they moved to different locations, even to different countries and may have needed to learn different languages to do all that easily and successfully.

• easily needed some 10 or more years totaling FAR more than 20'000 hours of learning AND working from the very beginning until they have achieved an above average expertise and qualification in ONE professional field of activity

• had spend many 1000 of us $ of savings out of their very own earnings made before or while studying and in addition may have benefited from many years of full or partial financial support by their own family, living partner or by taxpayers of their country during all these years they had ONE major goal: to be GOOD in ONE field - in ONE profession they loved to practice. ONE field of activity they selected for whatever reason. as a result of such intense focus toward achieving this ONE goal - they all finally made it !! hundreds of millions of humans have become specialists during the past 100 or so years on this planet. TRUE specialists many have delayed having a family or having children until they achieved their goal. many top professionals have NO family and NO family life at all as a result of THEIR intense focus on ONE goal in THEIR life. many TOP sportsmen have sacrificed ALL to achieve their goal, ALL their savings, ALL their current earnings, ALL their property, ALL their time, ALL their privacy, ALL ...

and as a direct result from such precise goals and focus ON THAT ONE GOAL - they have achieved their goal. millions do it - again and again, year after year on this planet. in fact ALL industrial growth and technical development and other social OR spiritual development of THIS entire planet earth depends entirely on these few millions who strive to become REAL experts in ONE field for a while. experts such as:

• mechanics in many different fields. mechanics qualified to make out of 2 old and broken cars of different make ONE running car

• shoemakers who can make out of worn care tires replacement soles for any shoe to be repaired instead of disposed of.

• engineers repairing damaged electrical appliances, radios and TV with almost no technical equipment

• genius who make watering systems out of bamboo, wood and other NATURAL materials without any technical products - just out of their own power of divine creativity

• herbal doctors and alternate therapists who have learned to find ALL they need in the backyard or their home country or province instead of importing expensive herbs and medicine from remote exotic countries.

• musicians who have discovered the healing magic of music and have learned to KNOW when to play what

• cooks and bakers who can make exotic cakes and food out of whatever they have

• tailors who can create exclusive NEW design hour after hours - making custom made beautiful angel dresses for humans - no 2 alike - just by using their god given creativity of

NEVER making TWICE the same !

hundreds of millions at present time are satisfied being average or minimalists and hence have nothing or extremely little to contribute to society and planet ( and creation ) ! and the few true experts are running most of this entire planet together with whose HARD working labor forces.

a cook can never become a chief by watching TV and using junk food ingredients - but by supporting his suppliers of quality food supplies, quality biologically grown herbs and vegetables from the small farmer around the corner, by using eggs from FREE living hens feeding on natural food and gorgeous FRESH quality fruits or nuts ( you surely know that hens would love to eat fruits - such as apples or bananas - if they would be given fruits !! ) - even if the price is twice as much as mass production and junk supplies . a specialist LOVES his customers - that is the reason he loves to be an expert in his field - to make his customers far above average happy - as happy as possible - expertise and quality consciousness is just another manifestation of LOVE toward ALL creation. an expert loves to constantly improve his skills and knowledge and overall quality - to serve HIS beloved customers better and better. throughout his entire professional life span.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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