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Laghoo shankhaprakshalana is not intended to act in the same way as laxatives. Laxatives artificially stimulate the nerves of the intestines, so that peristalsis (the wave-like motion in the intestines) is prompted to rapidly propel the stool through the intestines to the bowels for expulsion. Although this does empty out the bowels, at the same time it leads to gradual weakening ofthe nerve reflexes. Furthermore, laxatives tend to completely empty the bowels and this is not nature's intention. In a healthy intestinal system there is always a residue of stool in the bowels. It is here that water is reabsorbed into the body to prevent dehydration. Moreover, this residual stool contains myriads of bacteria, which help to protect the body from infection and also belp to produce certain vitamins of the B complex. Strong laxatives sweep out all the stool, thereby preventing reabsorption of water, and preventing the bacteria from performing its normal function. Therefore, though laxatives give short-term benefits, they can lead to gradual deleterious effects in the body.

In laghoo shankhaprakshalana, salt water is used, not a laxative. The salt water acts as a lubricant and loosens up the stool. Let us take an analogy. If you have engrained crust, stains or coating on the inside of a pot, you first of all let it soak for some time in hot water. This loosens up the encrustation and eventually allows it to be easily removed. The salt water acts in a similar way within the intestines leaving them clean and free from obstruction.

The salt water does not directly stimulate the nerves. Normally, it is movement and bulk of stool that acts as a trigger which, in turn, stimulates the nerves which activate peristalsis. The salt water encourages the hardened or blocked stool to move, which prompts the nerves to carry out their normal functions. No direct nerve stimulation is involved as is the case with laxatives. A further point worth noting is that the salt water does not in itself lead to complete evacuation of the bowels, which is one of the major drawbacks associated with laxatives. Ifyou are currently using some form of laxative, we suggest you adopt laghoo shankhaprakshalana in order to reduce this dependency.

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