Alternative technique

Uddiyana bandha can also be done in a standing position. This is generally easier for beginners. The technique is as follows: Stand with your feet about half a meter apart. Bend forwards and bend the legs slightly at the knees. Place your palms on the knees. Exhale deeply; tiy to empty the lungs as much as possible.

Then bend your head downwards and press the chin against your chest in jalandhara bandha.

Make sure your arms are straight. Then make a false inhalation (expand the chest as though breathing in, but not actually taking in air).

Straighten the legs slightly.

This movement will automatically draw the abdomen upwards and inwards to form uddiyana bandha.

Hold this position for a comfortable length of time. Then release the expansion of the chest and bend the legs, release jalandhara bandha and finally breathe in.

This method gives basically the same benefits as uddiyana bandha performed in a sitting position. However, the sitting form is preferable because it is more suitable for combination with meditative and pranayama practices.


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