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For the final lesson of asanas we will describe three difficult asanas:

1. Dwi pada kandharasana

2. Poorna matsyendrasana

3. Hanumanasana

Very few people will be able to do these. In fact, we strongly suggest that you do not try them unless you have a very strong flexible body and have been practising asanas for a few years. This will prevent strained muscles and torn ligaments due to premature practice.


The Sanskrit word dwi means 'two'; pada means foot' and kandha means 'shoulder'. Thus in English, this asana can be called the 'two feet shoulder pose' for both feet are folded over the two shoulders.

This asana is also widely called yoga nidrasana - 'the yogic sleep pose'. Those people who feel sufficiently comfortable, and this will not be many, can sleep or rest in the final pose. Needless to say, we do not recommend that vou attempt to practise yoga nidra in this position.

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