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Both the abdomen and pelvis are important parts of the body, because it is here that the main organs of digestion, elimination and reproduction are situated. To maintain good health it is essential that these organs, together with the associated muscles and nerves, are kept in the best possible working condition. Many people suffer from different ailments, which are directly, or indirectly, caused by the poor condition of this neglected area of the body. Almost all asanas influence these organs, nerves and muscles in one way or another and regular practice of a selected number of asanas, supplemented by surya namaskara, will help to ensure their perfect functioning. The following three asanas are simple, yet they particularly influence this part of the body. They massage and stretch the organs themselves, strengthen the muscles and stimulate the nerves.


In truth we are not sure why this asana is called the camel pose. It is difficult to imagine. We can hazard a guess and say that it is because the thighs, trunk and head resemble the neck of a camel.

Ushtrasana is a reasonably simple asana which gives a wonderful stretch to the thighs, abdomen, ribcage and throat.

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