Asanas Pre Meditative Exercises

Premeditative exercises are intended to prepare the body for meditative asanas, in which one remains in a specific sitting pose for a certain duration of time. This is the second group of such exercises given1, and in the next lesson we will introduce all the important classical meditative asanas2. It is necessary to describe these asanas at an early stage in this book so that you are able to participate effectively in the meditative practices described in the future, as well as the ones already covered. To practise these meditative asanas one must have reasonably supple legs; they are very difficult with stiff legs. For this reason we intend to recapitulate the relevant exercises that we have already discussed for loosening up the legs, and introduce you to a few more.

Regular and earnest practice ofthe following exercises will help to loosen up even the stiffest legs and help to prepare you to at least attempt some of the advanced meditation asanas2.

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