Attributes of the ajna chakra

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The ajna is the seat of the mind, the purified buddhi (subtle intelligence). When this chakra is awakened, fickleness of the individual mind is dispersed. Attachment, the cause of lack of discrimination and ignorance, fades away. The mind becomes a perfect instrument.

Ajna chakra is the centre of wisdom. It represents the level of awareness where one begins to see and realize the hidden essence behind all visible things. It is the centre of intuition where one tunes in with the underlying essence, rather than manifested forms. When ajna is awakened, the meaning and significance of symbols flashes into one's conscious perception. Ajna chakra represents the level of revelationary knowledge.

Ajna is the centre of extrasensory perception. Siddhis (psychic powers) arise according to one's samskaras (mental tendencies). One can experience clairvoyance - vision of far away events. One can detect the real meaning and ideas ofa person who is speaking, independent of what is being spoken. Ajna chakra is the centre whereby one can communicate without speaking; it is the centre of direct min d to mind thought transference. Various siddhis can arise according to the propensities of the individual, but one should not become attached to these siddhis, one should treat them as one would treat a plague - very warily. Attachment to siddhis is a great obstacle on the path to wisdom; this block is called rudra granthi (knot of Shiva) and applies especially at the level of ajna chakra. This hurdle of attachment must be transcended; one must pierce this psychic block with the axe of inner detachment.

When ajna chakra is awakened, sankalpa shakti (willpower) becomes very strong. Mental resolves are almost automatically translated into fruition, providing they are in accordance with individual dharma. This chakra is also the centre where one begins to gain more control of prana. In fact, this chakra is important in the yoga technique ofprana vidya (psychic control and healing). Ajna is the distributive centre where one transmits prana to specific areas of the body.

Ajna chakra is the centre where ida and pingala meet and merge together to become one. That is, the outside and the inside environments become one reality. Opposites are harmonized into a unified whole. One functions in the sushumna tube.

Ajna is the witnessing centre. One becomes the unmoving witness of all events, including those of one's own mind and body. Though involved, passively or intensely, in the play of life (lila), one merely observes. One functions at the balance point, where there is both inner communion with the depths of one's being, and interaction with the outer world. When a|na awakens one begins to perform real karma yoga. without expectation, selflessly and with perfection. Intuition begins to predominate in one's actions. Actions of the mind and body become perfect responses to given situations. The ups and downs of the mind-body will less and less affect one's being. They will gradually be seen as something external to the inner core ofone's nature. Life will carry on as usual, but more harmoniously and with greater wisdom. The body and mind will be seen to follow its own inclinations in the way that they were designed.

Ajna chakra represents an elevated level of awareness. In Sanskrit it is called tapah loka, the iev el where the vestiges of one's imperfections are burned away.

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