Awareness and concentration

Though the immediate and primary aim of trataka is to develop concentration, you should not force yourself to concentrate. Concentration must arise spontaneously. Try to maintain awareness of the object of trataka. That is, allow extraneous thoughts to arise, but while simultaneously being attentive to the object. You must split your attention between distracting thoughts and the object. Don't become lost in the stream of invading thoughts, but merely watch them with a feeling ofdisinterest. If you do this, then the unwanted thoughts will automatically subside, and concentration will arise. Of course, on occasions your mind may be more agitated than usual; you should still follow the same procedure, though it may be difficult to attain any degree of concentration. This awareness is important, for if you try to force the mind to concentrate you will only create more tension and less concentration. So be aware. Don't battle with the wandering mind, for you will lose. Tame the mind and mould it into a state of concentration by adopting the attitude of awareness.

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The Self Assessment Test

The Self Assessment Test

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