We have already emphasized the importance of avoiding mental tension caused by forced concentration. You should be aware of your mental patterns and extraneous thoughts that occur while practising asanas, but at the same time you should try to be aware of the asana being performed. All other thoughts - a cup of tea, worries about business or whatever -will automatically evaporate. The result will be calmness and peace of mind.

What facet of the practice should one be aware of during the performance of an asana? This will be explained as we cover each asana. However, the following is a rough guide to the possibilities.

While learning the asana your attention should be on correct performance. You can also be aware of relaxing as many muscles as possible to make the asana easier to perform and more effective. You can be aware of the physical movement, or of the breath while assuming the final pose. In the final position you can be aware of your breath, mantra or the parts of the body that the asana particularly influences.

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