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Whichever sitting asana you use in the beginning, you are sure to feel aches and pains in the back and legs. Over a period of time this tendency can be removed by daily practice of asanas that exercise and flex the whole body-, strengthening the muscles, loosening the joints and releasing tension in the nerves. These other asanas not only prepare the body for the sitting positions, but help to bring about health of mind and body.

After sitting in one position for some time, these aches and pains can be removed in a variety of ways. The best way to remove leg pains is to slowly straighten your legs and then bend them a few times at the knees. This quickly releases tension. The best way to remove backache is to bend the back forwards, backwards and then to the right and the left. Three excellent asanas are shashankasana, bhujangasana and mem vakrasana1. Although there are many more asanas that can be utilized the reader can experiment and find out for himself the most suitable ones.

There is conflicting opinion as to whether one should bear aches and pains without moving during meditation and pranayama or to remove the aches and pains by adjusting the position of the body and then continuing the practice. Actually discretion must be used in this respect. Ideally one should not move while performing meditational or pranayama practices, but this is very difficult if you suffer great pain. Furthermore, it is impossible to be fully aware of the practice in hand if one's attention is diverted due to physical pain. Therefore we recommend that a reasonable degree of discomfort be tolerated, for if you absorb yourself in the practice it is possible to forget your aches and pains. However, if the aches and pains are overwhelming and you see no chance of being able to forget the body, then adjust your position, loosen up your limbs and then reassume your sitting position to continue your practice.

Eventually this problem will not arise, for your body will become sufficiently flexible and relaxed to prevent discomfort and your awareness will become increasingly fixed on performing the practice. Under these circumstances you will not be aware of pain, even if the body is uncomfortable, and there will be no tendency to move or fidget.

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