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This asana is deceptive for it looks far easier than it really is. On the other hand, with a little practice it can be quickly mastered. Reasonably strong abdominal muscles are require d to practise it properly (i.e. with the legs raised only a short distance off the ground). With the majority of people this is not the case and so there is normally some difficulty in performing this asana. Under these circumstances a simplified version can be performed. First of all the arms can be utilized to help raise and hold the legs in the final position. Secondly, the legs can be raised higher so that they make an angle of forty-five degrees or even more with the ground. This reduces the contraction necessary in the abdominal muscles.

However, the practitioner should progressively try to perform the asana so that the arms remain relaxed throughout the practice and the legs are only slightly raised off the floor. This should be the final goal, even if it takes a few weeks or more. In this way the asana will give its optimum benefits and the condition of the abdominal organs and muscles will greatly improve.

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