Trataka develops the power of concentration enormously, which is of immense use in everyday life. Furthermore, the focussing of mental energy towards one point leads to peace of mind, for it stops the continually fluctuating tendency of the mind. Trataka is an excellent method of obtaining meditational experience and unleashing some of the dormant potential of the mind.

The power of memory is hampered in many of us by mental disturbances, which seem to cloud over our ability to recall events when we require to remember them. Trataka helps to improve our memory by calming the mind.

All people with nervous tension, insomnia, etc. are recommended to do trataka on a regular basis. Also those people with weak eyesight and weak eye muscles will gain much benefit from trataka.

In India, trataka is often used as a means to gain psychic powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. But we don't recommend that you practise it for this reason, whether you believe in these powers or not, for they are a distraction on the path to higher awareness and self-knowledge.

We have described trataka using a candle flame as the object of awareness. Remember, you can use any other object of your choice, practising trataka in a similar manner.


stage 3 - Book I, Lesson 10, Topic 7 2 Book I, Lesson 1, Topic 2

3 Topic 5 of this lesson.

4 For further details on the use of symbols refer to Book III, Lesson 31, Topic 1

5 Book I, Lesson 7, Topic 2

6 Book I, Lesson 7, Topic 6

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