Utthanpadasana is an excellent asana for strengthening the abdominal muscles, massaging the internal organs, removing wind and eliminating constipation. In this respect .it is particularly powerful when supplemented by pawanmuktasana1. While utthanpadasana stretches the abdomen, pawanmuktasana compresses it. If you suffer from flatulence or constipation you should definitely practise these asanas one after the other. In this context they can be practised at almost any time of the day (apart from after meals), but the best time is early in the morning before going to the toilet.


This asana is so called because it emulates the stretching movement made by a tiger. A tiger, as well as various other animals, stretches its limbs generously and indulgently in a similar manner to the movements of the asana, especially after awakening from deep sleep.

Vyaghrasana is an excellent asana for exercising the digestive, eliminative and reproductive organs and the entire spine from top to bottom.

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