This asana supplements the previous asana (saithalyasana) in that it loosens up the spine. Those people with rigid spines and chronic back or neck ache are especially advised to do marjari-asana regularly.

The pelvic and abdominal regions are well massaged, with a beneficial influence on the internal organs. The organs of digestion, reproduction and elimination are innervated by nerves in and around the spine. Marjari-asana gently stretches and stimulates these spinal nerves. This has a supplementary influence which improves the function of the internal organs. Many women suffer from ailments of their sexual organs. This asana has been found to be very useful in improving the health of these organs and helping to eliminate reproductive disorders. Women suffering from menstrual irregularities and leucorrhoea have achieved enormous benefits from regular practice ofthis asana. At the time of menstruation this asana can help give relief from menstrual cramps.

This is an excellent asana for post-pregnancy cases as it tightens the abdominal muscles and encourages the abdomen to resume its normal shape.

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