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Little needs to be said about the benefits of yoga nidra for they have already been discussed in this topic and the previous three lessons1.

But for reference purposes we can summarize the benefits as follows:

• Relaxes the whole physio-psychological system.

• Rejuvenates the body and mind.

• Removes and prevents psychosomatic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, neurasthenia, allergies and so forth.

• Reduces sleep requirements.

• Induces sleep, in cases of insomnia.

• Brings deeper perception of the mind.

• Brings joy, well-being, fulfilment and contentment into one's life.

• Removes psychological blocks, fears, phobias, conflicts, complexes and so forth.

• Brings about effervescent self-confidence.

• Induces meditation.

• Enhances the learning process.

• Awakens innate inner intelligence.

We could probably list more benefits, but these indicate the vast benefits that you can gain from regular practice of yoga nidra.

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