Yoga Mudrasana Benefits

Yoga mudrasana may be a little difficult at first, but the benefits it will give are well worth the effort. It is particularly useful for massaging the abdominal organs and helping to remove various associated ailments from constipation to diabetes. The upturned heels apply good pressure, which is transmitted to the inner organs. Variation 3 is especially powerful for the massage is accentuated by means of the fists.

The asana reduces the blood flow to the legs and diverts it to the abdominal and pelvic region, which further helps to improve the functioning of these organs and can help to alleviate various types of sexual disorders.

During the practice, the individual vertebrae are separated from each other. This helps to release pressure on the spinal nerves as well as giving them a profound stretch and massage. These nerves connect the entire body to the brain and their improved health and functioning will have beneficial repercussions throughout the body.

The legs are not stretched as with other forward bending asanas, yet the articulations of the joints are loosened. With regular practise these joints will become permanently loosened and one will be able to sit in padmasana for many hours.

Yoga mudrasana, as we have pointed out already, is most useful for relaxing the whole mind and body. As such it is an excellent prelude to meditative practices, especially if there is no initial program of asanas. That is, there are times when there is no time or it is unsuitable to do a number of asanas before commencing meditative practices. Under these circumstances yoga mudrasana should be practised as a prelude.

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