This asana is very useful for correcting spinal defects. If there is a displaced spinal disc then this asana will help to push the disc into proper alignment. It is also useful for removing backache and for eliminating round shoulders or any tendency to stoop. It tones the nerves of the entire back.

It applies a good massage to the abdominal organs and so improves digestion. It also applies a strong pressure in the region of the pelvis, especially if the legs are utilized to accentuate the flexion of the back in the final pose. This massages and tones the nerves, muscles and organs of the reproductive system. This applies mainly to women. It is an excellent asana for helping to alleviate sexual malfunctions and to prevent any tendency towards miscarriage in childbirth.

The asana makes the whole back more flexible in a backward direction. For this reason it is an excellent preparatory asana for the more difficult chakrasana1.


1 Book III, Lesson 26, Topic 4

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