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The seed of bhakti lies in the heart of every person. It is something that is hidden away deep within each one ofus. It has been planted in the fertile soil of individual being and waits to be germinated and to grow, but first it must be watered with aspiration. In time it will sprout and arise spontaneously. Nothing needs to be added. Everything is already inherent within the seed. It needs only the chance to grow.

Each person is potentially a bhakta. Generally, however, this bhakti is not able to blossom, for it is hidden and covered with mental misconceptions, problems, dogmas and un-happiness. Each person should be an ecstatic bhakta, because everyone has the potential to tune in with the inner world beyond the limitations of individuality. Each of us has an individual mind. This mind is the centre of consciousness. Most people always live on the periphery of consciousness, yet the possibility of functioning nearer the centre always exists. And when this potential exists then bhakti must also exist in potential form. The nearer one moves towards the centre, the greater will be the feeling of bhakti. So every person is really a bhakta, but this is not manifested or experienced because of lack of knowledge and a fog of misconceptions.

Bhakti does not need to be artificially created or cultivated; it already exists within each person in seed form. All you have to do is to let the seed grow into a beautiful flower. As Swami Sivananda said: "Love is the law of life. To love is to fulfil this law. And fulfilment of this law leads to eternal peace and everlasting happiness."

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