Bindu and nada yoga sadhana

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According to ancient Indian philosophy, consciousness expresses itself through nada (subtle vibration). Three concepts are worth mentioning: kala, bindu and nada. Kala is the individuating principle mentioned under the heading 'Evolutionary Implications'. Bindu is the point through which consciousness expresses itself in the created universe. Nada is the flow of consciousness from the infinite through the bindu to the object of creation. This process can be compared to a funnel: bindu and kala bring the consciousness into a concentrated flow and nada is the medium through which consciousness flows along the restricted orifice. When the nada moves upwards, then creation takes place. This is denoted by the pravritti marga and is called manifestation or material evolution. Nada is regarded as the link between pure consciousness and all created objects. This nada can also be utilized to proceed in the opposite direction - the nivritti marga. That is, nada can be used by aspirants as a means of merging their awareness with the source, the sahasrara, pure consciousness. To bring this about, the nada must first of all pass through bindu on the upward path.

Therefore, nada yoga is a means of retracing the path of nada which was the original means for individual growth and being. With extensive practice, one's perception becomes more and more refined and sensitive. Eventually, one's perception of subtle nada becomes so sensitive that one becomes aware of the bindu. This is the gateway to pure consciousness. This is the essence of nada yoga sadhana4.

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