Bindu vishuddhi chakra and amrit

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When we described vishuddhi chakra we pointed out that nectar or amrit trickles down from bindu to vishuddhi2. This amrit is bliss and the bindu is the abode of uninterrupted bliss. This is symbolized in Indian mythology by the river Ganges (nectar) coming from tbe crescent moon (bindu).

This amrit or divine nectar Hows down through the sushumna passage from bindu'. In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika it says: "The nectar secreted from the bindu is indeed the consort (Shakti) of Shiva (consciousness). It fills the sushumna passage." (v. 4:46)

In kriya yoga, the aim is to awaken the chakras and balance ida and pingala so that bindu will flood the sushumna passage.

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