Body position

The body should be inverted as shown in the accompanying picture.

Place a blanket on the floor.

Lie flat on your back with legs straight and together.

Place the arms straight beside the body, palms up.

Relax the whole body.

Breathe in deeply and then raise both legs, keeping them straight and together.

Let the legs move over the top of the head.

(Slight breath retention)

Then, pressing the arms against the floor, raise the but tocks offthe ground and push the legs further over the head. Bend the arms and place the hands at the hips. Let the trunk be supported by the arms. Raise the legs so that they are vertical. Keep the eyes closed and relax the whole body as much as possible.

This is the body pose for the practice of vipareeta karani mudra.

Note: Unlike sarvangasana the chin should not press against the chest in the final pose6.

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