Breathing awareness and duration

Do not force the breathing but allow it to assume a normal flow.

The duration, of course, depends on the time that you have available. At least ten minutes is necessary. To perform the whole practice from one hundred to one, however, will require more than ten minutes if one br eathes at the average relaxed rate of about fifteen respirations per minute. In this case those people who have less time available can start with a count of fifty instead of one hundred. The reader must use his own discretion in this respect.

As in all practices of yoga, awareness is essential. Complete awareness of both breath and mental counting must be maintained throughout the practice. This is a little difficult at first and one will find that after a few rounds or even less that one has lost track of the counting. This indicates loss of awareness of the practice in hand. Don't worry about this -there are very few people, especially beginners, who can do the complete practice from start to finish without losing count. One must merely start to count again. With practice you will make noticeable progress and be able to keep your awareness on the counting and breath.

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