Combination of the different modes

The practitioner need not only use one mode ofjapa. He can transfer from one to the other to suit the circumstances, during each practice program. It is a good idea to always startjapa with baikhari, whether your mind is calm or tense. If your mind is tense, then you should certainly chant aloud until it becomes peaceful. The loud vibrating sound, in a sense, overwhelms one's attention and gradually soothes the mind into a state of reasonable tranquillity. If you are calm then you can quickly transfer to upanshu or manasik japa. Baikhari is best for calming the gross tensions of the mind, and manasik is most suitable for exploring the deeper realms of the mind.

Ifyou are doing manasikjapa and the mind is wandering too much or becoming drowsy, then you should immediately transfer to baikhari. When you have brought the mind under some control again, then you can once more return to manasikjapa.

As a general rule we can say the following: beginners and people with tense minds should practise mostly baikhari and a little manasik; when one makes progress in controlling the mind, then the baikhari should be reduced and the manasik japa increased.

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