Crisis during the mind cleansing process

As you start to purge the dross in the subconscious mind, you may possibly go through periods of nervous, emotional and mental troubles. There may even be occasional eruptions, in the form of various illnesses in the body. This is, in fact, to be expected, for problems have to manifest themselves before they can be exhausted. Perhaps you won't pass through these minor crises; it depends on your problems. But if you do face them, remember that they are no more than a passing phase, a temporary reaction, and that when you pass through the cloud you will feel much lighter and greatly relieved.

You may initially experience more illnesses than normally, such as colds etc. Again this is a readjustment reflected in the body due to the inner change brought about by the mental cleaning. Don't worry, for eventually your health in every way will undergo a miraculous improvement for the better. You will perhaps go through wonderful periods of elation followed by periods of depression. You will reach heights and then drop into the depths. Eventually, however, this wide fluctuation will disappear and you will become more and more stabilized. You might become very sensitive to other people and detect subtle insinuations etc., maybe of a derogatory nature. Gradually, however, you will become stronger and more tolerant of other people's bitterness and criticism. You will start to understand why they act in the way that they do and they will cause you no further upset. Sensitivity will grow together with mental strength.

We have warned you of difficulties so that you are prepared for them. It is more than a possibility that your progress will be smooth and without any bumps. More than likely you will experience far less unhappiness and emotional upsets than you already experience at present. It depends on the individual. If, however, you feel that the experiences that you have are too overwhelming, then seek the guidance of a competent and experienced yoga teacher or any other person who has been through the path that you are currently going through.

One thing we assure you of is that any traumas you may pass through are more than compensated by the change that will actually take place in your being as you progress. You will slowly merge into a state ofjoy, sexenity, knowledge and understanding. You will radiate these qualities like the sun radiates light. This is the subject of the next heading.

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