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At this stage the student should be more aware of his or her own physical body and the parts of the body which are especially stiff or malfunctioning and therefore require particular attention. Although our human bodies are similar in design they are different in makeup. For example, some people have stiff legs, while others have stiff backs; and in the same way some people have abdominal disorders while some have ailments in other areas of the body. Therefore we feel that only you, the practitioner, can really choose the most beneficial practice program to suit your personal needs. We will continue to suggest programs and you should continue to use them as a guideline, adapting them more and more to your own needs by adding or eliminating practices. This applies mainly to asanas.

The inclusion of meditational practices in the program is very important, therefore try to find the time daily for a separate practice of meditation. At this stage at least 10 minutes, if not more, should be allocated to meditational techniques such as anuloma viloma and prana shuddhi. This is essential if one wants to progress on the path of yoga.

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