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In this lesson we have given more tangible methods of rooting out mental problems. That is, meditation techniques in general, desensi-tization and autosuggestion. These practices are intended for practical application not merely for accumulated knowledge, so we strongly urge you to put them into practice. If you do this, wonderful changes can occur in your life.

Try to do sutra neti together with jala neti1; once a week is ideal, perhaps on the weekend when there is more spare time available.

Practise bhoochari mudra when you find that you have nothing to occupy your attention for some time. Instead of reading the newspaper try bhoochari mudra - it is far more restful.

If you find you need more time for yoga practices, make sincere attempts at rising half an hour earlier in the morning. This is important so that you can start to seriously practise meditational techniques such as trataka.

Continue the practices of trataka and pranayama as described in this lesson.

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