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An integrated sadhana program should contain asanas, pranayama and meditational techniques practised in the correct sequence. To be able to gain optimum benefits it is essential that these categories of practices be performed for a reasonable period of time daily. We don't expect you to be overwhelmed by yoga practices, but at the same time at this stage a minimum of half an hour should be assigned every day to these techniques. In fact more time is preferred.

For those who have time we have now included a one and a half hour program. This can either be done at one time in the morning or split into two and practised both during the morning and the evening. In this way the morning practice will set you up for the dav ahead and the evening practice will slow you down, so that you have a good, refreshing night's sleep. The practitioner must use his discretion in this respect.

Keep on with the practices of nadi shodhana pranayama described in Lesson 51.

Anuloma viloma and prana shuddhi2 should continue, but supplement them with ujjayi pranayama and khechari mudra.

Practise the visualization technique whenever you have spare time.

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