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Any of the programs given in these 36 lessons can be adopted as the basis for your regular yoga practice. They are all complete in themselves. Those in the first 24 lessons are ideal for preparing your mind-body for kriya yoga practice.

Many of you will not have started kriya yoga practice yet. Don't be in a hurry. Wait until you feel that you are ready both mentally and physically. When you feel a strong inner compulsion, then commence kriya yoga. Also don't start if you lack the time or if circumstances are unsuitable. You must use your own discretion in this respect; perhaps it is better that you consult an experienced yoga teacher or an ashram. Meanwhile, try to find time to practise other forms of yoga including asanas, pranayama and meditative techniques.

When you decide to begin kriya yoga practice, don't try to do all twenty kriyas on the first day. Slowly build up the sequence as we have done over a period of 12 lessons. We suggest that you spend at least two weeks mastering each kriya. in turn. That is, first of all spend two weeks mastering vipareeta karani mudra; then spend the next two weeks mastering chakra anusandhana, practising one after the other in the correct sequence. Gradually master the other kriyas in the same manner until you build up a sequence that suits the time that you have available. Both the learning and daily practice of the kriyas should be progressive and ordered.

Direct teacher to student tuition is preferred in yoga; this also applies to kriya yoga. A good teacher can remove faults in practice before they become ingrained habits; moreover, a good teacher can firmly implant the mechanics of the practices on the student's subconscious mind. Kriya practices will then become spontaneous and effortless. There will be less feeling of doership . . . instead the kriyas will happen through the practitioner. Then they will bring about miraculous results. The kriyas will become the philosopher's stone that will transmute base metal (your present state of awareness) into gold (spiritual awareness).

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Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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