Daily Practice Program

This lesson is concerned almost entirely with descriptions of yogic practices as follows: Pawan sanchalana, the fourth practice of kriya yoga. This is quite a long practice taking about 25 minutes. The total duration of your kriya practice will now be about three quarters of an hour.

Antar mouna .stage 2, which is concerned with awareness of spontaneous thoughts. Try to practise this technique throughout the whole day. It is an excellent method of cleaning out the mind.

Bhastrikapranayama is an excellent preparation for kriya yoga practice since it heightens the sensitivity of the mind and induces one-pointedness. It also charges one's whole being with prana through the nadis.

Pacta liastasana can be integrated into your regular practice program and be done at almost any time during the day.

We suggest you change your program as follows.

Lessons in Raja Yoga

Lessons in Raja Yoga

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