The Sanskrit word agni means 'fire'; sara means essence' and kriya means 'action'. Of course there is no fire, as such, in the stomach, but the essence or nature of fire can be compared to the digestive process. If the abdominal organs are not working properly, then the digestive fire smoulders. Digestion is not as good as it should be; the fire needs to be fanned or stoked. In other words, the process of digestion needs to be kindled and arouse d to encourage the best possible digestive power. Agnisar kriya does just this. It makes the digestive fire blaze.

Agnisar kriya is also known as vahnisara dhauti. The word vahni also means 'fire', and the word dhauti means 'cleansing action'. The practice cleans out the digestive system and stimulates digestion. In fact this practice cleans out impurities not only from the digestive system, but other important abdominal organs as well.

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