Diet and Digestion

A great many disorders of the body are directly connected with malfunctioning of the digestive system. In this way the digestive system has a direct influence on one's daily life. You must have noticed for yourself that when you are experiencing digestive trouble you tend to be pessimistic and easily irritated. Conversely, a healthy digestive system allows one to be optimistic and cheerful. In short, the digestive system can help or prevent us enjoying life to the full. It is for this reason that yoga stresses the importance of maintaining the best possible health of this system. We do not intend this book to become a textbook on physiology, but we think that with a greater knowledge you will tend to treat the body with more respect. Moreover, a better understanding will help you to participate more actively and joyfully in your daily life, which of course is one of the main aims of yoga. For this reason we will briefly discuss the functions of the digestive system.

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Yoga For Your Health

Yoga For Your Health

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