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Many people wash themselves thoroughly with urine every morning. After a minute or so this is all washed off with water. The effect is to remove inlaid dirt, grease and toxins from the skin. It has an osmotic and solvent action which draws out impurities. This is aided by the warmth of urine opening the pores of the skin; your body produces its own hot water, why not use it? At the same time, salts from the urine are taken in through the pores of the skin replacing lost salts.

Anyone who has cuts, grazes, sores or similar open wounds can use urine as a disinfectant. Not only does it keep the wound clean and free from infection, but it also seems to aid the speed of healing. If you suffer from boils, pimples or fungus infections such as athlete's foot, then you can use urine as a means of drawing out the underlying impurities. If you burn or scald yourself you can also use urine as a method of disinfecting and drying up the weeping sore. This also applies to blisters. It is said that a mixture of urine, ginger and salt rapidly removes ringworm and eczema. It is also useful for alleviating mosquito and other similar insect bites. All these points make regular washing with urine a worthwhile habit. Don't waste your urine - use it.

People suffering from measles, chickenpox and other similar ailments can bathe in their own urine. Alternatively you can use urine packs. Urine packs can also be kept on wounds, boils, lumps and swollen areas of the body for prolonged periods of time. For small burns, ice or cold water is recommended, but for larger burns urine packs should be kept on for short durations. The pack should consist of a folded cloth, soaked in warm urine. These packs can also be utilized for certain internal diseases.

Urine can also be associated with massage. This applies to a full treatment of massage as well as massage during your daily bath. The massage should be directed towards the heart to stimulate the return flow (venous) of blood to the heart. This massage will stimulate the local blood circulation, remove toxins and squeeze impurities out of the skin.

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