This is quite a long and complex practice. Therefore, normally, you should not practise more than twice a year. That is, you should allow six months to elapse before doing shankhaprakshalana for a second time. Under special circumstances however, it may be necessary to repeat the practice after a short time has elapsed, perhaps in the case of a person who has chronic constipation. But don't do it without seeking expert guidance.

Those people who feel healthy can also do the practice, for they can improve their health, making them feel lighter, more cheerful and exhilarated with life. Furthermore, it will help to make their minds sharper.

This is also a very important practice for those people who intend to perform intensive yogic techniques for higher awareness. For example, we always insist that people who come to the ashram to do a concentrated course of spiritual practices for a fixed length of time (anushthana) should first of all do shankhaprak-shalana. We have found that in this way they gain the most benefits from the course and their practices. Shankhaprakshalana, by purifying the body, helps greatly to make the mind and body more receptive to higher vibrations.

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