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The biggest hurdle to overcome with this practice is the disgust we attach to the idea of vomiting. When you try it for the first time and even on the second and third occasion you will have to use a little willpower to actually carry it out to the full. It is very easy to drink only one glass and persuade oneself that the stomach is now full; or to make plans to do the practice and then postpone it at the last moment until another day under the guise of some suitable excuse. But once you become accustomed to the idea and have tried it a few times it is no more difficult than cleaning the teeth and does not take much more time.

Don't try to vomit once the stomach is empty. As soon as the vomiting reflex brings up no water this is a sure indication that you have cleaned out the stomach. If you persist unnecessarily you will more than likely produce soreness of the throat as well as experiencing an unpleasant taste. One often sees brown or yellow traces in the expelled water, especially on the first few attempts at doing the practice. Don't worry for this is no more than dead blood cells, fermented food particles and mucus from the stomach. As you progressively clean the stomach over a period of a few days, the water will become cleaner and cleaner, a sure sign that the stomach is being thoroughly cleaned.

Many teachers say that the best way to induce expulsion of water is to touch the uvula (the small grape-like pendant hanging from the soft palate above the root of the tongue). We don't advise this as from experience we have found that it tends to cause retching and not a smooth elimination of water. We suggest that you press the root of the tongue. If you find that you really cannot remove the water from your stomach, don't worry. Though you will lose the benefits of kunjal it will not cause any harm. The water will merely pass through the system in the normal way. It may give a looser than normal bowel motion and if you suffer from constipation this is not such a bad result.

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