Hatha Yoga Nauli Stage

Nauli gives many benefits. It massages the entire abdomen and stomach in a way that is unmatched by any other practice. It also massages the heart and lungs. This induces positive repercussions at both the physical, pranic and mental levels. The following is a very brief summary of the benefits:

• Improves digestion and helps to remove various malfunctions.

• Directly helps to remove constipation.

• Harmonizes the functions of the solar plexus and adrenal glands.

• Helps to alleviate diabetes by improving the efficiency of the pancreas.

• Speeds up the blood circulation and reduces blood stagnation.

• Strengthens the abdominal muscles; this ensures that the abdominal organs are supported properly.

• Prevents hernia. Hernia is caused by weak and inefficient abdominal muscles. Nauli strengthens these muscles and therefore prevents the occurrence of hernia. (Note: if you actually suffer from hernia you should not do nauli.)

• Nauli massages the external organs and tones up the associated nerves. This helps to remove and prevent sexual deficiency of various types.

• Increases general vitality of the whole body.

• Directly influences the manipura chakra trigger point and kshetram. The manipura is the centre of energy distribution, both gross and subtle, in the whole body. Nauli helps to remove blockages in the energy flows of the body. This leads to better healtb and more energy. Indirectly, nauli helps to increase mental clarity and power by harmonizing the energy flows in the body.


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