Hatha Yoga Vatsara Dhauti

The subject of burping has long been controversial in various societies throughout the world. In China and during the middle ages of Europe, it was almost a ritual to end a meal by burping. This clearly showed that one had enjoyed his food. If a person did not burp he was likely to be labelled bad mannered or even a boor. Burping was almost considered an art. This art has been lost in modern societies because it is considered both crude and distasteful. Nevertheless, we are devoting this next topic to the revival of this noble and ancient art.

The Gherand Samhita says the following: "Shape your lips like a crow's beak and drink air. Let the air swirl in the stomach for some time and then allow it to expel itself. Vatsara dhauti is a most secret technique to purify the body. It destroys all diseases and increases the gastric fire." (1:15-16)

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